Aalto’s Savoy vase

Alvar Aalto’s famous Savoy vase, an icon of product design, will always be one of my favourites. Together with his wife Aino, Aalto designed the vase for a glass competition sponsored by the Finnish manufacturer iittala during the Paris World Fair in 1937, and won the first price. At the same time, the architects couple was designing the Savoy Hotel in Helsinki which they furnished with their designs, including their winning entry (hence the name of the Savoy vase). There are speculations on whether the inspiration for the design of the elegant organic shapes came from the observation of the growth rings of a tree, the fluidity of water, the shape of a Finnish lake, or even the drapery of a fluid dress. It has been produced in almost all the colours of the rainbow, transparent and opaque, and picking a colour is one tricky task. I’d suggest pick the dominant colour of your room if you can’t make up your mind. And if you’re still debating, then follow your gut feeling and let that purchase give the dominant colour of your space! You can see a colour scheme example on Palette 01.


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